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May 7, 2012 2:10am EDT
was public enemy number one. that declare ration launched the costliest wars. the united states treated drug abuse as a moral failure and fought it through arrests and incarceration. as a result the u.s. now has the highest rate of incarceration in the world at a dear cost to state and federal budget and at a time when those budgets are very con trained. -- constrained. the human cost of the so-called war on drugs is more tragic still to the families and communities that have not gotten the support they need to overcome drug abuse. it's so important that we have gil who has a long history in law enforcement championing the message of ensuring that we address this from a public health percent speckive. as gil has said the administration recognizes we are not powerless against the challenge of substance abuse. people can recover and millions are in recovery. the administration has laid out a policy to speed and improve that process which gil is here to discuss. shifts in funding which have seen more money spent in the last three years in drug education and treatment than on drug law enforcemen
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1